Refund Policy

You may return most new products and cancel unused services within 30 days after you receive your product or are invoiced for services, except that live plants and custom-made products may not be returned after you receive your product. To return products and cancel services you must follow Seller’s return procedures.

Seller will refund the original purchase price of products, unperformed services, and related sales taxes. SHIPPING & HANDLING, DELIVERY, AND SIMILAR FEES (INCLUDING RELATED SALES TAXES) ARE NOT REFUNDABLE. YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR PRODUCTS UNTIL SELLER RECEIVES THEM. YOU WILL BE CHARGED SHIPPING AND HANDLING OR A 15% RESTOCKING FEE TO RETURN PRODUCTS. Returned products must be in the same condition as you received them. THIS RETURN POLICY IS NOT A WARRANTY. NOTE: Seller will not accept for return any products you purchased from a Reseller. Additional restrictions may apply.

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