Project Update for Green World Project

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Dear community,

we want to give you some insights about our current project status.


One year has passed, we had two revisions of the whitepaper already and the third update is currently being done. We will sort out things, that may be difficult to understand, and will focus on our mission as a non-profit.


We have at least 3 new team members who will help us to gain more attraction to the project. We have two new graphic designers from the Netherlands. Carola and Carla will work for hand in hand together and also bring in new ideas, and, maybe new people who can even help us more. They are currently planning a professional brand design and will make the graphics we need, to show the Green World Project in the best glance.

Alex is the new Strategic Advisor of Green World Project and is already helping us with providing new ideas for the project’s whitepaper. He is also currently working on the marketing plan for Google Ad Grants. Thank you for having you all on board!


We will soon have a new airdrop bot, which will run on different big airdrop channels. You will be rewarded for different tasks and get 500 GWP Tokens, in addition, for every referer you will receive 100 GWP in addition. For the website registration, you will receive 500GWP, which can be used to buy products on our Green Marketplace.

Project Fundings

We have opened the first project funding for building up a community in Uganda – Afrika.
The Fruitful Standard institute of education and development will be supported by Green World Project and will build a community in this Region. Building up the school for 100 children and more than 5 teachers will be the main goal together with being able to provide enough food for everyone. At the moment, we are calculating with 5 Million GWP Tokens. We will change the value on a regular base according to the Token market price and we also will accept donations in € and other payment methods with a form soon.

Exchange Listings and volume

We are listed on two exchanges at the moment. These are Graviex and p2pb2b.
There, you can exchange Bitcoin and Ethereum into GWP Tokens.
Our partner Bitcoin Meister is planning a fiat to crypto and crypto to fiat onramp exchange to avoid the need of swapping from fiat into Bitcoin first.
The volume on both exchanges is still pretty low. We would love to see you more trading. When we can keep a daily volume of 1000 USD, coinmarketcap will recognize us better. As coingecko also has more restrictions in the case of volumes now, it would be great to see it grow.

Google Adds

Google adds have kindly donated $10,000 a month on advertisement revenue towards the Green World Project. This will help give the project more exposure and help grow our community.


We are currently planning to open the first volunteer positions very soon. There will be a job section and we will also publish everything on our social media channels. On Facebook, you can apply for the coming volunteer positions. These positions will have different benefits, we will talk about it in a later article.

Token Burn

The first Token burn is set to 2nd August 2020. We will burn 1 Billion Tokens in the first round. We are planning to have regular burning events in the future. What do you think, keep the supply up or burn?

What is a token burn? source: Binance

Thank you for reading our project update. We wish our community all the best and hope, we gave you the information you need. If you have any questions, please reach out to us by using one of our social media channels.

The Green World Project Team

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