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Important project updates

Green World Project is proceeding with the current project goals, but there are also some things that changed and you need to take note of.
First of all, we have reached out to a solar provider who is now partnered up with us for selling and shipping solar articles worldwide. The new products are already listed on the marketplace and more products will follow soon. We offer solar power stations for on-grid and off-grid use with up to 3kW, as well as DIY kits, solar stations for boats and caravans, and other solar gadgets like mobile smartphone chargers. With the revenue generated by selling the new products, we can afford to develop our own unique blockchain.

Brand New Merchandising

Affiliate system

Green World Project has implemented a new affiliate system with a fixed commission of 5% 1% for every sold product with a personal affiliate link. You can now apply to become an affiliate and support us. You can refer to all products listed in the marketplace. Of course, you will have your own affiliate dashboard and can payout your earnings in PayPal, GWP Token, or Ethereum.

Airdrop payouts

You all were waiting for the airdrop payout and Green World Project would really love to payout all the airdrops. We had over 700 successful airdrop participants and on top, we also used a referer system for even more GWP to earn. Thank you again!

The big problem we are facing is the high GAS fees on the Ethereum blockchain. A normal transaction would cost us about 3 USD at the moment. This would eat all fundings we need for developing the blockchain and the next exchange listings.

So we have thought about how we can still give you the Tokens without needing to send them physically. We have deactivated the points&rewards system and integrated a brand new gamification system. On top of that, every user will receive 1500 GWP Tokens to the personal Green World Project website account. In addition, monthly interest rates will be paid, until the own blockchain has been developed and the coins can be withdrawn to the new blockchain.

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Currency Switcher

We have integrated a new currency switcher for the most important world currencies, Ethereum, and GWP Token. The GWP Token will be changed on a weekly basis until the volume on the exchanges exceeds 1000 USD daily. When we see a good volume, we will develop the Green World Project payment system.

Volunteers and the Green World Protector

The volunteer application will soon be opened and you can become a Green World Protector. We will let you know in a separate post once we open the application.

Your role as a green world protector

  • educate others about green thinking
  • Getting other people excited about our project
  • Supporting the development of green projects
  • Founding of communities in the respective country
  • using social media services and become a moderator in your country chats
  • Advertise the marketplace and solar articles (optional)

Benefits for the Protector

  • GWP Protector is on a volunteer basis / Volunteer
  • Support with GWP Token for meetings, conferences, events to cover costs
  • Voting right to the consensus, once the blockchain is ready
  • co-designing ideas
  • Helping and promoting green projects
  • Bonus after reaching milestones

Gamification System

Together with the new Account Dashboard design, we have created a gamification system. With the new system, you now see your GWP Token balance on the top right in your dashboard. We have allocated 100 Million Tokens for the system and will send the Tokens to new own wallet address in the coming weeks. In the rewards tab, you can see your last earnings. Also, we have included a rank system that will go from “Greenie” to “Ecologist”, depending on how much funds you have invested in the marketplace. A special role “Green World Protector” will be given for successful applications to the volunteer positions.

You will earn Tokens by visiting specific posts or by logging in every day. Some posts or products can contain a little surprise for you. How about you find it now?

Thank you for reading. The Green World Project Team.

Written by Stefan Zaunreither.

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