Our goals for a greener environmental friendly planet

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Green World Project forms a foundation for building a better, greener, and environment-friendly planet. It is no secret that the environmental state of our planet is deteriorating. Climate change has been discussed and outlined by many reputable environmental researchers and research papers and some countries even declared an official state of emergency regarding climate change. [Report http://aquaticcommons.org/2263/1/climate-impacts-report.pdf] Observations show that climate change is unequivocal and primarily human-induced.

Green World Project provides a unique blockchain and crypto solution to a global environmental problem. Green World Project identifies various complex and interrelated issues regarding the environmental problems. A global increase in CO2 emissions and pollutants impact our health as well as speeding up climate change, while single use Fossil resources are being depleted and a lack of funding for ‘Green’ and scientific research projects limits the potential of new and upcoming research.

Existing projects which promote environmental improvement do so without a proper level of transparency or funding, and thus create a general public view of distrust and a lack of reliability. Green World Project utilizes blockchain to provide a transparent and immutable insight into all information regarding transactions and updates on projects.

We hope with your help, we can make a greener future! We look forward to getting to know you more. Come and meet the team and the community first hand on telegram t.me/greenworldproject .

We look forward to meeting you.

Thomas Parker

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