Project Update 2 Green World Project

Important project updates Green World Project is proceeding with the current project goals, but there are also some things that changed and you need to take note of. First of all, we have reached out to a solar provider who is now partnered up with us for selling and shipping solar articles worldwide. The new

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Project Update for Green World Project

Dear community, we want to give you some insights about our current project status. Whitepaper One year has passed, we had two revisions of the whitepaper already and the third update is currently being done. We will sort out things, that may be difficult to understand, and will focus on our mission as a non-profit.

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Our goals for a greener environmental friendly planet

Welcome! Green World Project forms a foundation for building a better, greener, and environment-friendly planet. It is no secret that the environmental state of our planet is deteriorating. Climate change has been discussed and outlined by many reputable environmental researchers and research papers and some countries even declared an official state of emergency regarding climate

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Green World Project Birthday

We are celebrating the first birthday of the Green World Project on 6th of April.There will be a lot of giveaways for our community and we will begin with the next special Trivia happening in our Telegram social channel.

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New Report