Detailed Information about Green World Project

Green World Project is the latest invention in global environmental improvement.

GWP utilizes the latest technologies to solve real world problems. Based on a user-rewarding system, the complete GWP ecosystem is build on the foundation of complete transparency, while ensuring it's users with proper security and privacy.

By partnering with Green World Project, any business or project is able to utilize our Green ecosystem. Partners are able to offer their products and services to new customers through our Green Marketplace.

Partners' upcoming ideas and projects can reach new ways of funding through our Digital funding platform, reaching a whole new subset of funders. Any and all information regarding progress made and realization can be stored, transparently, on the Green blockchain.

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The environmental state of our planet is deteriorating and there is no Planet “B”. While there are many complex and interrelated issues, we believe the following matters most significantly impact the global and environmental health currently and in the immediate future:
  • A global increase in the amount of CO2 emissions and pollutants are impacting health ;
  • Lack of essential funding for ‘Green’ and Scientific research projects which aim at improving our global and environmental health
  • Single-use Fossil resources are being depleted rather than being replaced with less harmful ways to produce energy ;
  • Projects which promote environmental improvement without transparent reporting on spending and results create distrust. 
Initiated to help resolve environmental issues, the Green World Project (“GWP”) is a grass-roots movement. GWP will form a digital ecosystem as a foundation for helping to build a more environmental planet. Initially, GWP will focus on three key areas:
  • Developing a blockchain ecosystem and information base capable of storing information regarding ‘green’ projects and their assets; (mid to long-term)
  • Building a digital platform for funding verified (research) projects that aim to improve our environment and global health; (mid to long-term)
  • Building a green (eco-friendly) energy platform to replace the current use of fossil resources; (long-term)
Why a Cryptocurrency is the best way to achieve our goals:
  • Quickly and efficiently transfer funds to those projects making a real-world impact around the globe;
  • To better validate specific project deliverables before funding;
  • To provide better visibility for every green project


The Green World Project’s ultimate goal is to support the environment in the following ways: to provide renewable energy, to support substitutes for fossil resources, to raise awareness about environmental issues, and to further those goals by helping to fund green and global health improving (research) projects.  Used as a payment method, the GWP token enables “green” transactions (low/zero emissions), supporting projects that perform research, and projects that offer “green” products and services. 
The Green World Project will be raising awareness of environmental issues through various mediums including, but not limited to: websites, mailing campaigns, social platforms, events, podcasts, and through our partners. We will also be raising awareness through partnering with and funding (research) projects and advising these projects through to completion, whether it be academic or a market product. 
In our vision, our three core components (blockchain, digital platform, and energy platform) create a self-sustaining ecosystem, capable of expanding to any required level and involving any number of verified projects, people and components. Our token will play a vital role in our ecosystem, becoming a method of funding, a utility, and a means of improving our planet by fueling our ecosystem. A clear road map with achievable targets in combination with solid partnerships in projects, companies, and individuals with “green” goals and a reassuring level of transparency will ensure the success of GWP.

Token specifications

Token name
Green World Project
Token Base
Smart contract on the Ethereum blockchain
Total supply
8,300,000,000 (Initial supply: 18.4bn)
Total number of maximum GWP tokens there will ever be.
Circulating supply
Number of GWP tokens initially distributed and available for usage.
Vitalik Buterin, the creator of Ethereum, specified 18 decimal places with the foresight to cope with the growing usage of blockchain technologies. There is a movement to format all ERC20 tokens to 18 decimal places. 
Creation date
Apr-13-2019 04:13:04 PM +UTC
Contract address
Foundation wallet
All GWP official wallets are managed by the GWP team.
Blockchain explorer 
Check and view all GWP transactions.


GWP Blockchain

The Green World Project will have a custom blockchain. This feature will provide transparency for GWP partners. This transparency helps to prove that the funding is spent, delivering real benefits as promised. Three examples illustrating implementations for the GWP blockchain are as follows:


Green planet

The following is an example of implementation. ‘Greenplanet’ is not related to any existing projects. Green project ‘Greenplanet’ plans to raise funds to replant trees in forests where deforestation is prevalent. First, ‘Greenplanet’ raises funds through the GWP Digital Platform by stating its aims, intentions, and time scales. The GWP team will validate these aims against a set of criteria that provide a level of confidence for the delivery of the project. With funds raised and remitted, ‘Greenplanet’ begins its efforts in planting trees. They list each tree on the GWP blockchain so that the type of tree, the location, and the date and time of the planting is securely documented and traceable. By listing the trees on the blockchain, ‘Greenplanet’ proves that they have delivered upon their plans and promise, which secures trust for future projects. Complete transparency throughout the process means that anyone around the globe can view the immutable data on the blockchain and know that they are supporting a trustworthy organization. Thus increasing the public’s desire to help other projects improve the environment.

Green Solar

The following is an example of implementation. ‘Green Solar’ is not related to any existing projects. Green project ‘Green Solar’ plans to raise funds for building a network of blockchain listed consumer solar panels. First, ‘Green Solar’ raises funds through the GWP Digital Platform by stating its aims, intentions, and time scales. The GWP team will validate this against a set of criteria that provides a level of confidence for the delivery of the project. When the funds have been raised and remitted, ‘Green Solar’ begins building solar panels. ‘Green Solar’ lists each solar panel on the GWP blockchain to ensure transparency. The income of the produced energy can be calculated from the blockchain, and generated power from the listed assets can be made visible and transparent. Each solar panel has a unique ID. By buying a solar panel and listing it on the GWP blockchain, the owner is granted GWP tokens. 

Green Certified

The following is an example of implementation. ‘Green Certifier’ is not related to any existing projects. Green project ‘Green Certifier’ engages a partnership with GWP. ‘Green Certifier’ provides organic certificates (organic food, organic lumber, etc.) and eco-friendly products (toys, building materials, clothing, etc.) stored on the blockchain. All of the tests and accompanying results verifying a product’s authenticity will go through the Blockchain and therefore be immutable. This immutability prevents fraud and makes the results of the tests accessible to consumers. Thus, consumers can make well-informed decisions when buying organic and eco-friendly products. Having the products listed on the blockchain will offer transparency on organic and ecological certificates. These certificates are obligatory in most countries.

Business Model

The first part of the GWP Ecosystem is the GWP blockchain, a uniquely self-developed blockchain containing data ranging from Energy metadata to data implemented from the partners of GWP. The second part is the GWP Energy Platform, which consists of any renewable energy (Green) power plant(s), providing Green energy to GWP partners. The third part is the Digital Platform, on which projects can be listed who seek funding to complete their ‘Green’ goals.

Every project listed on the Digital Platform is allocated a ‘pool’ of GWP tokens. When GWP starts raising funds for a project through the Digital Platform, funders are able to send funds to the project’s allocated crypto wallet(s).

When the fundraising ends, the allocated pool of GWP tokens is unlocked. The power generated through the EnergyPlatform is sold, and the income is used to (expand the platform and) buy back tokens. These tokens are then used to resupply the GWP pools for new projects on the Digital Platform.

Digital Platform

The Green World Project’s Digital Platform is a web-based platform where projects can apply to list to receive funding. Projects that are listed can be from a range of categories:
Type 1: ‘Green’ (eco-friendly) research projects
Type 2: Scientific (global health) research projects
Type 3: ‘Green’ (environmental) development projects
Type 4: Global health projects
Type 5: Any projects aiming to make a positive change in the world, whether this is on the environmental aspect, the global health aspect or the global ecosystem aspect 
Type 6: Any other type of active ‘Green’ project, determined by the GWP team.
All projects apply to GWP by the use of pre-built application forms. After a project applies to the platform, the application is reviewed by the Green World Project team. Each application will undergo a range of validity, authority, and authentication checks. 
When the application is approved, the project will be listed on the platform and the team decides the GWP tokens ‘pool’ size allocated to the project, depending on the scale and goals of the project.
With a project fully listed on the platform and the pool allocated, the project listing is announced and funders can find the project listed on the platform. Funders will be able to fund projects in many cryptocurrencies, starting with the most popular crypto, according to market caps. A full list of currencies will be posted when the platform is live.

Energy Platform

The Green World Project will be looking at different possibilities where the token can be utilized in the world. There is a range of “energy projects” (such as Hydro Plants and Solar Plants) that GWP can employ to create a solid foundation and revenue stream to fund the pools on the digital platform.
Energy projects are physical products used to generate renewable and clean “green” energy. These products will range from small domestic solar panels to large industrial Hydro Plants. Small scale, omnidirectional wind generators could benefit urban-based populations, along with technologies which assist people in becoming less reliant upon the costly, yet traditional, fossil fuel supplied solutions such as coal and oil. 
The Green World Project team is currently conducting a cost-benefit analysis of various energy products. The initial product setup will utilize one of many types of renewable power stations. Contracts will be used between potential clients for power generated by the power station(s). GWP will arrange for generated power to be sold at competitive market rates.

Green Marketplace

The GWP Green Marketplace is a platform where individuals and GWP partners offer services and products in exchange for GWP tokens or other fiat and crypocurrencies. 
GWP Partners
Green World Project’s partners will be able to offer their Green products and services on the Green Marketplace. GWP will be looking to partner with any project or organization looking for new ways to promote their products.

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