The project is dead, long live the project

The Green World Project was made by people with the intention to make the world a bit better. Initially it was planned to support projects which create a sustainable future for our planet earth. The Whitepaper was made in 2019 and so GWP was created.

The Green World Project was created out of Newton Coin because some members have not been happy about the project proceedings involving suspicious coin movements and shady behaviour from the core developer.

The GWP Token was listed on Graviex shortly after but there have never been many holders. One of the reasons was the false decision to make an airdrop between the Newton Coin holders. Of course most of them dumped their coins and had no interest in the project but only to make some bucks because of free magic internet money, you know the story.

When Dilan L. left the team, he was not active any more since a long time and further hurt the project with his behaviour. When you play with your power, it is not tolerated to act like how he did. The ethic in what he did is in no way acceptable for the project. As Dilan L. had registered the non-profit foundation in the Netherlands, he is also still reliable about the legality of the project.

We tried a few things to let this project grow. We listed on Vindax but there was no trading volume – again. Let me tell you and warn you about this exchange btw. There is no real volume at all and they only catch you to list on their exchange by saying your project will for sure grow with the listing. This exchange listing was worth 0, they also betrayed us and only listed the GWP/BTC pair but we paid also for the GWP/ETH listing. A few months later we where delisted from Vindax again. There was money for nothing and even the “chicks” where not free.

Nelsy, a scammer, betrayed us on Ethereum for the Token Airdrop and ran away with the Gas fees and around 650.000 GWP. Most of them have been catched by Graviex exchange. As Ethereum grew, we also had problems to cover any further fees for Token Airdrops, so we decided to give the Tokens to our reward system, until Ethereum forked to ETH2.0. We opened a reward system on our website, we listed Solar Equipment, but the recognition was too bad. We even burned 10 billion coins…

We listed on as the last hope this project can grow. Of course they promised us a good trading volume. What we got was 0 trading volume and the advice to use their trading marketers to gain fake volume. Again, it seems those exchanges only earn on exchange listing and withdraw fees. Also, shady behaviour besides the coin exchange as they blocked a few withdraws here and there. I would also give a red flag to them. Better pay a bit more for your exchange listing or grow your project to a certain user base.

I spent weeks and months for the project, the idea and the website.

There is now the announcement this project is currently not active. If there is nobody writing us about the Green World Project until March 31-2021, we will deactivate the Green World Project Website and think about a new project without free airdrops and with a real sustainable future.
All messages should go to or to the Netherland government.

The donations Green World Project has received, have already been given to the Standard Nursery Fruit School Project in Uganda. Thank you very much! We could arrange one field for half a year where Muhumuza can plant vegatables for the children. I will further support him and the institute in the future.

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